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The Diversity and Inclusion Handbook


Why should diversity and inclusion matter to you and your organization? The answer lies in that one thing we all strive for: SUCCESS.

When team members of all backgrounds are included, valued, and respected for their uniqueness and what they have to contribute, they truly are more creative, more committed, more collaborative, and more motivated to participate to the fullness of their potential. They move from a collection of untapped individuals to a productive “US” focused on common goals and collective achievement. Helping you reach that level of success is what this book is all about!

This powerful handbook by respected expert Sondra Thiederman will guide you through the three key dimensions of diversity and inclusion – each of which contributes to the ultimate goal of individual and organizational success.

Whether you are a small task team or a large multi-national organization, an “US” climate and culture is one that translates differences into direction, uses the talents of everyone, and is energized to accomplish common goals with excellent outcomes. So, be prepared to learn from what you are about to read in the Diversity and Inclusion handbook'