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About Us

Walk The Talk was founded in 1978 by Eric Harvey, with the desire to help individuals and organizations achieve their highest levels of personal and professional success. For over four decades, Eric has trained organizational leaders throughout North America and countries around the world, ranging from Australia to Iceland. Eric has also authored 28 highly acclaimed books which have sold millions of copies to organizations and individuals worldwide.

The company is a family business in the true sense of the word, employing both of Eric and Nancy’s daughters after they had established independent career success. Today, Erika, Nicole and their team manage the day to day aspects of all Walk the talk operations. 

Erika Westmoreland took over as President of Walk The Talk in 2022 where she lives in Lafayette, Louisiana with her husband, Doug and her 4 children. 

Walk the Talk has inspired tens of thousands of leaders and team members worldwide to be the best they can be. Our proven resources will help you and your organization:

  • Develop effective and respected leaders
  • Motivate and inspire your team members
  • Give you and your organization the necessary skills to deal with today’s ever-changing workplace requirements and challenges.

212 the extra degree, walk the talk


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