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Working From a Distance (Pack of 10)

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Look around! Today’s ever-expanding “virtual workplaces” are changing the way we do our jobs, communicate, forge relationships, and get results! Smaller, cheaper, more accessible technology tools have enabled a dynamic mobile workplace where people connect from wherever they are. Growing legions of workers are away from the office more often than not or simply do their work from other locations as an inherent part of their jobs. Others relocate for personal or family reasons – and because they’ve demonstrated enough value to their employer or customers, they take their jobs with them when they move. Multiple terms refer to this expanding group and way of working: “virtual, distance, remote, digital,” as well as terms such as “telecommuter, teleworker, laptop or road warrior.” Whatever the terminology, the fact is that, more and more, jobs are done by people who must work together when they’re not together.

No matter if you’re an experienced full-time remote worker or someone who does it part time – regardless if you work from a distance, or you work with / manage others who do – this book is for you!