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Forgive Your Damn Self


Rewire Your Negative Relationship with Yourself for More Positive Outcomes

By Georgia Murch

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From feedback expert, Georgia Murch, comes a confidence boosting guide to help you accept feedback happily—good, bad, or neutral—as ALL paths can lead to growth!

In this fascinating book, author and feedback expert, Georgia Murch, teaches you how to handle feedback without losing yourself in self-criticism. Because feedback isn't just about accepting your flaws, your inadequacies, the things you hide—it's understanding where they come from and rewriting how you see yourself, so you can live your goals.

Forgive Your Damn Self will help you combat imposter syndrome, stop chasing perfection, and embrace your talents—flaws and all.

By becoming your biggest supporter instead of critic, you'll:
  • Become more self-aware of your impact on yourself and others in the everyday moments...
  • Identify the things that trigger you and hold you back from learning and growing...
  • Learn to hold the space to evolve as a person and know it's in the small moments that real achievement happens!