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The 10 Commandments of Leadership


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Encapsulating over 60 years of combined professional experience working with successful leaders worldwide, authors Eric Harvey and Steve Ventura provide a proven collection of universal “best in class” leadership beliefs and behaviors labeled THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OF LEADERSHIP. Despite the old adage, leaders are made not born. They’re made with integrity, discipline, commitment, and hard work. Truly effective leadership is developed by learning and refining specific skills – and applying those skills according to sound principles and time-tested guidelines. Providing you and your colleagues with those guidelines for success is what this powerful, must-read book is all about.

Great leadership doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. In this clear-cut guidebook, Eric Harvey and Steve Ventura cover the ten most fundamental and important leadership principles including serving your people, doing the right thing, and walking your talk. Every leader can learn something from this book. - Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Lead with LUV

  1. Make What Matters Really Matter
  2. Practice What You Preach
  3. Communicate with Care and Conviction
  4. Create the Involvement You Seek
  5. Do Right By Those Who Do Right
  6. Provide What They Need to Succeed
  7. Confront Challenges with Courage
  8. Let Differences Become Your Direction
  9. Strive to Serve Others
  10. Go Forth and Prosper