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212º Service - The 10 Rules for Creating a Service Culture

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 212º Service is a motivational 1-hour read written by expert author, Mac Anderson, who shows you how to change your customer experience and create an unforgettable service culture within your organization. Written with engaging and relatable real life examples that will demonstrate how extraordinary results can begin with one small change. 

You may know the 212º concept from our original bestseller 212º the extra degree. The concept is simple: At 211º, water is hot. At 212º, it boils. And with boiling water comes steam. And steam can power a locomotive. That one extra degree makes the difference and can separate the good from the great. 

The 212º concept is vividly illustrated through powerful stories that will engage the hearts and minds of yourself and your team. The ten rules for creating a service culture will motivate your business to take customer service to the next level. Take a PREVIEW of this inspiring book HERE.