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How to Lead From a Distance (Pack of 10)

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The days of going to work and seeing everyone you work with are gone forever! The ways we “see” each other, communicate, build teams, establish trust, collaborate, and achieve results have all changed. What was once a non-traditional way of working is now commonplace and an increasing reality for leaders across a broad spectrum of organizations and industries. A growing number of leaders manage and lead each day from a distance – through technology tools that connect them to remote teams, virtual workers, telecommuters, and distance employees. And they do this with the need to control costs, retain talent, ensure clear communication, manage productivity, maintain motivation, and achieve results. It’s a challenging task…. and an increasing reality for every leader. If you’re one of the growing legions of virtual leaders, How to Lead From a Distance is the book for you!  

Working virtually has many distinct advantages for individuals and organizations, but it requires some new ways of thinking and behaving on the part of each manager and each team member.