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The Heart of a Leader

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The very best leaders are learners - people who are always interested in ways to enhance their own knowledge and skills. So, whether you are a new leader or have been in your leadership role for 30 years, you will benefit from this book on leadership from the best person I know to teach these valuable leadership lessons from the heart- Ken Blanchard. Ken Blanchard calls himself, "chief spiritual officer" of his consulting company. That right there says a lot about Ken's leadership style. I could have searched the world over, and not found a better person to write a book titled The Heart of a Leader. Ken believes leadership should not be done purely for personal gain or goal accomplishment; it should fulfill a much higher purpose. Nothing is wrong with accomplishing goals, but when you focus solely on results, you miss the big picture. As a result, things like morale and job satisfaction will tend to fall by the wayside. Leading at a higher level is the process of achieving worthwhile results while acting with respect, care, and fairness for the well-being of all involved. It's only when you realize it's not all about you that you begin to lead at a higher level. 

This book makes a great gift for new managers and seasoned managers to set the tone for how you envision the leaders of your company.